Roberts rules

City Library gets new director
New Dillon Library Director Lori Roberts

“I am really excited about this. It’s going to be great,” said Lori Roberts yesterday, her second on the job as the new director of the Dillon City Library.

“I love being in the library, how people always seem happy when they come in,” added the Dillon native, who was a regular at the local library during her childhood.

“It’s really incredible we have someone who not only came to us as a person who grew up here and loves this library, but who worked as a librarian for years after she left Dillon,” said Debbie Sporich, a community advisor on the library hiring committee.

“I think she will build on what Marie has done for the community and library,” said Sporich of Roberts and Marie Habener, who recently retired after serving for more than a decade as the director of the Dillon Public Library.

“Lori brings great experience and great energy, and a love for reading,” added Sporich, owner of The Bookstore in downtown Dillon.

Roberts gained that experience after graduating from the University of Montana and moving to the Hi-Line, where she served for years as assistant library director and the children’s librarian in Havre.

Daughter of Cooky and Rick Later, she returned in November 2015 to the town and library she grew up in.

“When I moved back here and heard this position was opening up, I couldn’t wait to apply for it,” said Roberts.

Mother of children ages 12 and 4, Roberts served last year as a program specialist for the Dillon Public Library’s Summer Reading program.

“I loved it,” Roberts said of the Sumer Reading program, which uses a variety of events and activities to keep children engaged with reading during the warm weather months when schools are on break.

“I thought the participation and kids were awesome,” added Roberts, a regular as a child at the Dillon Public Library’s Saturday Storytime, a program Roberts wants to bring back and expand, along with Books & Babies, by having local VIPs come read to kids at the Library.

“I have so many great early memories of coming to this library for Storytimes on Saturdays. It was one of my favorite things.”

Roberts said she also wants to do more library programming for teens and adults, as well as work with local schools to help students who are struggling with reading.

“I love community programming, bringing the community together for events,” said Roberts, who is also looking to add to the Library’s technology offerings.

“My goal is to get the community even more involved in the Dillon Public Library,” said Roberts.

“There are so many people in this community with special talents that they could bring them to the Library for others to learn about,” said Roberts, who considers living in this community as one of the main perks of her new job.

“I really enjoy this community and love that it’s very family oriented and how people help each other out and look out for one another. And my kids love it.

“It’s been good to be back in Dillon.”