Appoints of order

Council to fill and re-fill numerous positions tonight

At its first get-together of 2018, the Dillon City Council tonight will choose a new leader, a new member and vote on more than a dozen appointments to other positions in city government.

The first order of that brand of business will be selecting a new council president to succeed Tom Straugh, who resigned from the council last week (see story on page 1).

The council will then take up the question of whether to confirm Mayor Mike Klakken’s re-appointment of seven city officers—Jim Dolan as city attorney, Neal Straus as city treasurer, Todd Hazelbaker as city director of operations, Jani Olsen as city clerk, Darrin Morast as fire chief, Rick Later as fire marshal and Don Guiberson as police chief.

Following those votes, the council will interview candidates for its Ward 4 seat vacated by Mandy Maass, who was re-elected to a four-year term on the seat in November but resigned from it late last year because her family moved to another state.

Adam Mastandrea, Katharine Barba and Craig Cornell have all submitted applications to take over the Ward 4 seat for a term through the end of 2019.

The council will then decide on whether to endorse the mayor’s appointments of Jim McIsaac, Ed Mooney and Jason Glenn to the Dillon Tree Board, a body the three have been serving on.

The appointment of John Schuyler as a citizen member of the local Police Commission that plays a key role in the hiring of new city police officers will also come before the council for its endorsement tonight, as will the appointments of Doug Frank and Jackie Erfle to continue serving as citizen members on the city’s Zoning Commission.

Russ Schwandt will be up for a council vote on his appointment as a council member on the Zoning Commission that he served on for many years before being termed out and subsequently joining the council as a Ward 2 representative in early 2017.

Schwandt will also get a thumbs up or down tonight from the council on serving as its representative for the City-County Health Board, as will Don Hand for the city’s Planning Board and Dan Nye for the city’s Board of Adjustments.

During the report tonight of its Parks Committee, the council will vote on a recommendation to move ahead with phase 2 of the splash pad and phase 3 of the amphitheater aspects of the Jaycee Park renovation project.

The council tonight is also scheduled to hear reports from representatives of its other standing committees—Health & Welfare, Finance, Fire & Order, City Hall, Street & Alley, Judiciary, Water & Sewer and Cemetery.

Updates will also be offered to the council by members of the Tree Board, Library Board, Zoning Commission and Planning Board.

City officers—including Hazelbaker, Dolan, Guiberson, Straus, Morast, Later and City Judge Kaylan Minor—are also scheduled to present updates on their recent activities to the council.

Shortly after the start of tonight’s meeting, returning council members John Garry, Bill Shafer and Schwandt will be sworn in for the four-year terms on the council seats they won re-election to in November, along with Mary Jo O’Rourke—who will take a seat at the council table for the first time after winning as a write-in candidate in the most recent municipal election for a Ward 4 seat opened up by the recent retirement of longtime council member Jim McIsaac.

The four will then head to the council table to join the council’s two other current members—Don Hand and Dan Nye, who each gained a four-year term on the Dillon City Council in the 2015 municipal election.

Tonight’s meeting will end with a chance for people to offer public comment “on items of significant public interest not on the agenda and within the jurisdiction of the city.”

Members of the public can also offer input in agenda items after being recognized by the mayor during the discussion periods on those items.

The Dillon City Council will hold its first meeting of 2018 today, Wednesday, Jan. 3, starting at 7 p.m. in Dillon City Council Chambers, 125 N. Idaho St. in downtown Dillon. A full agenda and meeting packet is available online under the Agenda and Mintues tab in the left-hand margin of the homepage of the city’s website located at